About Us

MDW Natural Hair Services LLC was established October 2009. The founder, Michelle Larkins, was frustrated with the condition her hair was in due to relaxers and other chemical hair processes. Due to her dissatisfaction, she decided to shave off all of her hair to become natural (free of any chemicals in her hair).

Once she went natural, she noticed all of the products she was using would initially make her hair soft, but later in the day, her hair would feel hard, dry, and brittle. She began researching organic ingredients and formulated her own organic hair products. She was a social worker, so she worked with other kinky, curly, coily, mixed textured, and transitioning women who were having the same problem she was having. These women become her test subjects and later became her product customer. When she opened up her all natural hair salon in Birmingham, Alabama they then became her salon clients.

Larkins discontinued her career as a social worker to cater to the needs of her natural hair clients. Through prayer, faith, determination, and hard work, she was blessed to create an avenue to make a difference in the health and care of people. 

MDW Natural Hair Services handmade hair & skin care products have always been made with the best of care and non-compromising practices. She and her husband have now expanded and are becoming a mass manufacturer of B.O.R.N.Hair Care Products.

Our mission is to provide the very best organic hair and skin care products, salon services, hair care, exceptional educational courses for natural hair stylists and clients, top quality wigs, and many other products and services that will help aide in your healthy living and quality of life.

Welcome to the MDW Family and please periodically visit us on-line for updates, specials, and new items daily.