Defeat Cancer Organization

MDW Natural Hair Services supports women who are defeating cancer everyday and honor those women who have fought the fight and are no longer here with us due to their transition.

To help give back to our community and to be a blessing to these extraordinary women, who would like to gift a customized full lace wig to a cancer survivor or cancer patient every month. All she or a loving family member, friend, or loved one would need to do is submit her name and give a brief story explaining why this special lady is deserving of a Made Divinely Wonderful Wig

For those ladies that do not mind posting your pictures on social media, we would also love to go a step further and treat this special winner to a full makeover and photo shoot in your area. All we ask is for the winner to wear the gifted MDW wig during the photo shoot and we will post these pictures on our social  media sites. We would love to post your pictures along with any words of wisdom, knowledge, or advice to another young lady or women that may be going through a similar journey. We hope this foundation will encourage, empower, encourage, and be a source of healing.

Thank you for your submission and I pray peace, blessings, and divine health for you and your family!

Any and all Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help gift a customized wig to a monthly Cancer Survivor and/or Patient. Proceeds goes towards MDW Cares Organization. 

MDW Cares

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