The amount of time that it takes to install MDW Microlocks depends solely upon each individual's hair density, texture, length, and uniqueness. It also depends what size and length of the installation.

It is very important that you book your in-person or on-line consultation to be entirely informed of the "estimated" time it may take to do your hair and exact costs.

MDW Microlock Twist Extensions typically take approximately

12 to 20 hours to complete. MDW Microlock Twists typically take 8 to 15 hours to complete. MDW Microlocks typically take 12 hours and up. 

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  • We provide travel services as well as services in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Contact us directly to get the travel and lounging fees associated with your VIP concierge service. These fees will be due at the same time that deposit is due. It is also non-refundable.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
How long does it take to complete the various forms of MDW Microlocks?

You may choose between small/micro sized, medium, and large sized locs no matter what MDW Microlock style you choose.

  • small/micro sized locs will typically yield 300 locs or more.
  • medium sized locs will typically yield 200 to 300 locs
  • large sized locs will typically yield 200 locs or less.

Again, your results will be based on your hair and what can be achieved based on your personal hair characteristics.

We currently provide the following lengths of MDW Microlock Twist Extensions:

  •   8 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 24 inches

You may choose the following color for your MDW Microlock Twist human hair extensions:

  • black
  • brown
  • platinum blonde
  • honey blonde/cooper
  • red/wine
  • grey; salt & pepper 

We will provide MDW Microlock Twist & MDW Microlocks for any length of hair (prices are based on your own hair length and density).

For best results, it is suggested that you hair is at least 3 to 4 inches before getting any form of locs.

What size of lock and length of lock can I choose from?
After installation, what do I need to be prepared to do with my hair?

You will now be able to experience the carefree life of having locs!

With all forms of locs we suggest that you braid or twist your hair in about 2 to 6 sections with rubber bands at the end to shampoo, swim, workout, or do sweat producing activities. 

MDW Microlock Twist Extensions provide the freedom of now having to really see a lot of changes in your locing process. You will have twist extensions and maintain a 6 to 8 weeks interlocking regimen.

MDW Microlock Twists or MDW Microlocks are locs created with your own hair so you will need to be more careful during your locing process. To prevent slippage and breakage, you will need to maintain a 5 to 6 week interlocking regimen.

It is highly suggested that you book your next retightening at your appointment to ensure you still on schedule to prevent, breakage, slippage, and damage to your locs. The main reason for loc breakage is due to a poor maintenance schedule.

We recommend you using B.O.R.N. Orgainc Hair Care products because they are organic, light weight products that will help strengthen, soften, nourish, and treat your hair.

Do you provide traveling services?

Yes we do provide traveling services which will make your hair care experience convenient. Client will incur the expense of stylist's travel expense (to and from client's state) and hotel expense for the days services are provided. The total, non-refundable travel and lodging fees will be due at the time of booking appointment in addition to the non-refundable hair service deposit. When you book your appointment, make sure you book your Travel Fee Deposit after corresponding with stylist.

Stylist will book a hotel close to the location of the client and a private conference room at said hotel is where the hair care services will be provided. Of course, remember your hair must be shampooed and properly prepped before your appointment. No shampooing services will be possible at location.

We are currently based in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL and would love for you to come to us but are happy to offer this VIP service to clients that prefer stylist's mobile, traveling services.

Why should I get MDW Microlocks?

You should get MDW Microlocks so that you can have true hair freedom. Whether you are simply tired of combing your hair, are tired of not seeing much hair growth due to your texture, lifestyle, or genetics, or you have fallen in love with locs and are ready to go on your journey, it is one of the best hair/life decisions you can make.

When you get MDW Microlocks, you no longer have to run to the hair salon to get your hair done weekly or bi-weekly. No more expensive hair products that promises soft, manageable hair that does not deliver and are full of unhealthy, cancer-causing ingredients. 

The difference between MDW Microlock Twist Extensions and other systems is that our locs are lightweight and look like your real hair. No heavy weighed down hair that will put added tension and stress on your roots. All of our locks are crafted to ensure that you have a healthy base for each one of your locs so that you do not have to combine locs because they are thinning or are too small. At the same time, our locs provides the natural fullness so that your hair does not look scalpy and thin. 

You are a part of the process of what you want your locs to look like and we will truthfully communicate what that looks like for you and deliver the results that you desire.

Follow these steps to begin your MDW Microlock Journey:
  1. Read MDW Microlocks Journey & FAQ thoroughly 
  2. Book an in-person or on-line Consultation Appointment
  3. Attend Consultation Appointment
  4. Book your Appointment/Initial Booking Fee for MDW Microlock Service
  5. (ONLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE STYLIST TO PROVIDE VIP TRAVEL SERVICE) Book & Pay Travel Fee Service after communicating with Stylist about cost.