Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are  MDW Natural Hair Products completely organic?

Yes they are. No chemicals of any kind are found in our products. Click here for a list of all the organic products found in MDW Natural Hair Services B.O.R.N. products.

2. Will these product go rancid/spoil quickly?

No. Due to the vitamin E, tea tree oil, and/or citrus acid (organic, fermented crud fruit sugar) there are anti-bacterial properties. Product should last for at least 6 months and are made to order.

3. Questions about solid and liquid products...

Why is my product runny (not solid)?

All of the ingredients will melt into an oil if it is left in heat. Place product in the frig for a few hours then sit at room temperature so it can go back to a solid state. You will notice as soon as you place product in your hand, it immediately melts. These oils are similar to the oils that your hair and body produce.

Why is my product solid but it is suppose to be in liquid form?
Coconut oil will solidify unless it is at room temperature. Melt oil mixture by placing in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds or place in hot water.

4. What are the common dangerous and unhealthy products found in most hair and skin products on the market that I should stay away from?

Mineral oil and petroleum are the two main products that do not moisturize your hair. It causes hair breakage because it does not promote moisturizers to penetrate the hair and then blocks out any moisture or oils. It only clogs your pores, causes break outs, and dries out your hair and skin. If you and your family are using these products, please discontinue. These products are used because they are cheap and more economical. Silicones are also another common ingredient that are found in hair, skin, and other beauty products. Silicones tend to dry your hair out after it dries. 

5. Why does shampoo dry out my natural hair?

Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, shampoo with sulfates can dry out your hair. Sulfates basically strip your hair of all moisture and residue so that your hair and scalp can be clean and clarified. The best way to maintain that moisture while cleaning your hair and scalp is by conditioner washing (co-washing) your hair. Instead of washing hair with shampoo, you can wash your hair with a rinse out conditioner following a deep conditioner. Your hair will be soft and clean. I co-wash my hair often and deep condition at least once a week following my daily moisturizer. I shampoo my hair when I feel it needs to be clarified due to gels, a lot of product, or build up. There are sulfate free shampoos and apple vinegar cider rinses that you can use as an alternative.

Now we sale a 100% natural black soap shampoo that does not contain any sulfates. This shampoo will clean hair while adding moisture to hair. Other shampoos have also been added to our line of products.

6. Why is the liquid black soap shampoo runny and liquid?
There are no sulfates in the shampoo, therefore, it is not as thick as your commerical products. To create a lather, run water through your hair and pou r a small amount of the shampoo directly to your hair. Now, massage your hair until lather forms. Clean hair does not have to be loaded down with lather. After using shampoo you will notice that your hair is clean, yet soft and moisturized.

7. How will I know what to do with my hair?

Listen to your hair. Pay attention to how your hair reactions to products. When you learn what products work for your hair, stick with it. Do not fight against your hair. Natural hair can be dry due to changes in the climate, hormonal and/or body changes, products, or the lack thereof. Take care of your hair, but most importantly take care of your body. Maintain a healthy diet. Drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegtables.

Going Natural

1. How do I go natural?

You can go natural by either transitioning or doing the big chop initially.

To transition is to allow your perm/relaxer to grow out (without having routine chemical touch ups). When you reached a desired length of new growth or natural hair, then you can do the big chop (cut of the chemically processed hair). Some women become frustrated with dealing with the two types of hair (natural and relaxed). The relaxed hair will be fragile because compared to the strong natural hair it can easily break off unless you do protective styling (twists, braids, buns, etc.).

To big chop is simply to cut or shave off all of your relaxed or chemically treated hair.

Choose which option is best for you and go for it.

2. What if I will hate my hair natural?

You will never will know until you try. The best thing to do is to research natural hair care and make a determination. Going natural can be a huge step and whatever decision you choose is fine. Do what is going to make you and your hair happy.

3. If I go natural, will my hair grow faster?

No. Natural hair and chemically treated hair can grow at the same rate. Normal hair growth is 1/4 to 1/2 inch each month. Sometimes people do not see hair growth due to hair breakage. If your hair is breaking as much as it grows, you will not see much hair growth. Doing protective styling and maintaining a good hair care regimen will promote hair growth.

Sisterlocks TM Process

Thank you for your interest in starting your Sisterlocks with MDW Natural Hair Stylist & Sisterlock Trainee, Michelle Larkins! Here is a detailed price list and guide so you will be fully informed at the start and duration of your Sisterlock journey.

Introductory Sisterlock Prices
(effective 10/2018):
1 Hour Consultation (starter/test locks will be established) $250 due upfront to secure consultation appointment.

$250 non-refundable deposit due at Consultation appointment to secure Establishment Appointment at least 2 weeks later. You will be required to shampoo your tester locks at least twice within these 2 weeks. You will lose deposit if you do not cancel within 7 days of booking Establishment Appointment.

The base price for up to 5 inches of hair is a total of $1000 (deposit, consultation appointment, and remaining balance price included) and $50 for each additional each of hair.

Note: Your first retightening (4 weeks later from Establishment date) and Starter Kit which includes everything you need to maintain your SisterLocks will also be included in this price.
Note: Every 4 weeks you will need to have a retightening session which will be $200 for first 5 hours and $50 for each additional hour.
Note: You must shampoo your hair 24 hours prior to your Consultation appointment as well as your Establishment appointment. After shampooing, simply air dry your hair (no blow drying or straightening hair), and DO NOT use any conditioners, oils, or moisturizers.

Minimum Grand Total (5 inches or less): $1000 (add $50 per each additional inch of hair)

This introductory price list is subject to increase once I have been promoted from Sisterlocks Trainee to Sisterlocks Consultant within the next few months. 


1. How can I purchase this wonderful product?

You may pay via on-line store.

2. How long will it take for me to get my product?

MDW Natural Hair Products will be shipped the next 2 to 3 business days. Please allow 2 to 5 business days to receive your product. If you have not received it within that time frame please contact me via email or phone.

3. Do you sell oversees?

Yes. We now ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and all other countries. Shipping charges may vary.

4. What is your return/exchange policy?

All sales are final. Sorry, there are no returns or exchanges. However, if you have any questions or concerns you may contact us.

5. How do you ship your products?
Products are shipped by United States Postal Service and are sent via Standard Shipping.

Shipping Fees

1. What are your shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries?

These are the following shipping and handling fees:

United States
Standard Shipping
Flat Rate - $2.99 per item

Standard shipping
$350.00 and up - $0.00

Rest of World
Standard Shipping
Flat Rate - $4.99 per item

Standard Shipping
$500.00 and up - $0.00